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Spotlight Store-Konjono-Really Cute Hats

This product review is quite belated, but I wanted to wait until it started getting cold again to share this cute site with you. The air here is getting crisper and it is almost hat weather again. Late last spring, Konjono sent Baby J a hat to try. I picked the light blue with the whale ribbon. Hello little preppy boy! I think it is adorable! I have to admit that my husband isn’t the biggest fan. He puts up with my smocked outfits, but he just couldn’t handle the ribbon his little boy’s head. So, these hats are for those of you with cute little girls and for trips where your husband isn’t around your sweet little boy! =)

Each hat is very unique and there are so many different color options for little ones, boys and girls. You can even get a hat made in your school colors. Wouldn’t that be the perfect accessory for tailgating parties this fall!

Here are a few of my favorites:



it is beautiful….

…..sunrise at my beach in new jersey this morning.  i’ve seen this scene many, many times while i was growing up and it is still so beautiful to me.  notice how i said “my” beach as i think for those of us who grew up at the 33rd-34th street beach we all feel very strong ties to this beach as we had so much fun playing and growing up there.  truly, it’s the first place i go when i arrive on the island to put my toes in the sand.

what a lovely way to start this day to find this photo from a friend and it somehow seems like you can feel christmas in the air there.

have a wonderful day!


photo credit: Bruce Welch

crabs, pink & green, did anyone say FUN?!

LOVE this blog.  check it out if you don’t know bethany, she is wonderful!  thanks so much bethany!


Really Cute Hats

This week, as soon as I opened the package from Deborah at KonjonoReally Cute Hats, my daughters couldn’t wait to wear their new hats! Luckily for them, we had a really cold weekend and even had a dusting of snow, so they wore their hats all weekend.

In preppy pink and green, with Maryland crab ribbon, too, these are the most adorable hats!

They truly are Really Cute Hats!

The perfect gift for boys and girls, the Really Cute Hats come in sizes ranging from infants to big kids. My daughters usually complain about hats after a while and don’t like to wear them. They kept these soft fleece hats on all day long and said that they were very comfortable over their ears. Of course, the compliments from multiple strangers about the Really Cute Hats probably also motivated them to keep on the hats, too! At least 5 different people stopped to comment.

There are hats in a variety of colors with whimsical ribbons and patterns for boys and girls. One of these hats would make a perfect shower gift for a winter baby. The dolphin and whales on the grosgrain ribbon are so preppy!

An item that I really like from Konjono is the collection of team spirit hats. Stay warm in style at the next game with these hats. Isn’t this one perfect for a game in Annapolis?

Thanks, Deborah, for making our cold winter a little bit more colorful and fun! My girls and I love your Really Cute Hats.

Add a pop of color to your child’s winter ensemble with a Really Cute Hat!



2010 army-navy game….

2:30pm  tomorrow. where will you be?  who will you be cheering for?

this will be our second year in georgia, and not attending the game live but of course we are there in spirit.  we continue to try to entice our new friends here to become navy fans especially on this special game day.

actually, this morning i had a great conversation with a 1st grade classmate ( who is a huge GEORGIA fan ) i explained to her all about army-navy game day, with all the history, the march on’s,the spirit spots, the exciting and thrilling minutes, the whole thing.  she, was not so moved at first until i told her about my favorite bit the jumpers and i sort of hooked her.  i moved into the blue & gold song at the end and showed her a u tube video and i think she might be watching tomorrow!

so, 3 cheers to our little friend holly and to both teams tomorrow.














go navy!


do you know?

our friends at cutie patooties?  gaye has a wonderful shop in downtown brunswick and has lots of hats in stock, and yes she monograms too!  it’s chilly down here, stop in and see her you will so enjoy it!

left-right……whales & dolphins, dress-up!, teddy, dinosaur parade, hot pink crab & little miss bear.


today is….

december 1st, World AIDS Day.  a day that i wish was not a day or a day on anyone’s calendar especially the nearly half a million babies that were born with HIV last year.

today’s info is from my friend julie – “spread the word: 56,000 reported new cases of AIDS in the US last year. 16,000 new orphans from AIDS. DC fastest growing HIV/AIDS community in the country. Stigma still so strong in this country that people fear to speak their status. Stigma is so high in Ethiopia people don’t get treatment. Today is World AIDS Day. Be aware, Be educated, Be supportive.”


a blog post from Widener magazine :)

Widener Alumna’s Children’s Hats a Hit
November 18, 2010

Deborah Webster-Cornell grew up on the Jersey shore, dreaming of designing swimwear.  This goal led her to Widener University, where she majored in fine arts/fashion merchandising on the Delaware campus, graduating in 1988.

Although she never ventured into designing swimwear, she did get into the clothing business – making children’s hats.  She developed an interest in children’s clothing in 2003, and started her company calledkonjono in 2009.

“Konjono is pronounced ‘kon-jon-nu,’” said Webster-Cornell, a resident of Brunswick, Ga. “It is an Amharic word (the primary language in Ethiopia ) and means ‘it’s beautiful’.”

She said after adopting her youngest daughter, Charlotte, from Ethiopia, she fell in love with the Ethiopian culture and became captivated by the plight of the working women there. (She’s pictured here with Charlotte, 5, left, and Anna Grace, 7.)

“Soon after Charlotte arrived home, I struggled to find winter hats that had satin lining to not mess up her braids,” she said. “I started to try and add satin lining to hats in our closet but that was a bit of a disaster, so then I decided to start from scratch. That is how konjono was born.”

The hats are made in the U.S., with material produced in Lawrence, Mass., but Webster-Cornell hopes to one day make the hats in Ethiopia.   “It has long been my dream to figure out how to actually manufacture my hats there, and help in my small way to start change in this fascinating and endearing country that now I am so connected with,” she said.

The konjono line consists of fancy hats and school spirit hats.  She also recently launched a Chester, Pa. hat.  The colors – you guessed it – are yellow-gold and royal blue.

For more information and to find konjono hats, visit